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The song you are listening to is taken from the 96' album 'A Day Of Research' The song is Called 'Alsour Vempire

The music is what matters most...




Ah. The new and long awaited album of 2001. When Young Terrorists Chase The Sun. Very dancy and addictive, certainly one of my favourites.
When young terrorists chase the sun (Festival Mushroom 2001)

1. Phazer kids in the windy city
2. Dust me selecta
3. High jackers manual
4. G-House project
5. Fight revolution team
6. Brother Keith on Destructor Mountain (4001)
7. Deka
8. Hot computer
9. Serpentheadz
10. The deer in you
11 + 12. Windmills and birdbaths
13. Summer lake rewind
14. We design the future

CD-ROM Component:

1. Dust me selecta (Video clip)
2. The deer in you (Video clip)
3. Deka (Live in Japan video)



Transmission Report split 7"
(Stillwater Trading)
reviewed in issue #131, 3/31/97

The Gapeseed track is titled "Raise the Calculus Lude". It's much less produced than the album I just reviewed, though the basic elements of the band are still evident. This puppy is quite messy, but a lot of fun within the chaos. A worthy song, by all accounts

The Gerling track, "Mother Mary", is much more mainstream-sounding. Still in the same basic area, but with more of an emphasis on structure. The noise comes more from the way the instruments are (or aren't) played). A real wall-of-sound here; the song starts off with a bass riff, and the attack doesn't cease until the end.

A cool, adventurous 7". This is exactly what small vinyl was invented to propagate.



GERLING Bachelor Pad 7-inch (Trifekta 1997) It may be a little scarce these days but well worth chasing down.It's the band's first album, with 'the new kid' Burke. The usually skewed and 'barely in tune' guitars and Darren's trademark screaming are mixed with some subtle xylophone (although that may be a synth based on the liner notes) on the title track. There are four other tracks on the single, all mixed up, scratched up, cut and pasted experiments - all electro and full of wierdness!. A must have!

GERLING -children of telepathic experiences
In one of the Gerling interviews I
heard on the radio, Burke
said that one of things he disliked about albums was
that they had basically 4 tracks you like, and the
rest is just filler.
However,If you listen to the album a few times, you will see that all the tracks are pretty good. I love Death
to the Apple Gerls...Suburban Jungle, Meet you @ karate
Sleeping Bag, Artschool Canyon, Bachelor Pad,
Craft Werked are goodies.
This album aways put me in a good mood, I love every second of this albub. Certainly some of your finest werk.
Thanks guys!

Gerling - Enter Space Capsule - (Infectious)
Aussie rock band put down their guitars and take up sounding like Daft Punk. Surprisingly enough, a good move, considering this is a fantastic take on French Disco, infectious and funky.


Did you know?
That Gerling remixed a track with Grinspoon?
Well, they did, and it is awesome! :)
If you wanna check it out, It's on one of Grinspoon's latest singles, 'Violent & Lazy'
It is track 3, and it's called 'Violent & Lazy (hey kids do you love Jesus remix)
no that's not a question, that's what it's called. Check it out, it's worth a listen.



Bachelor Pad
side A
1. bachelor pad
2.lonesome cowboy rides towards his loved sons
side B hardcore 97'
2.the pinch has made me a better man today
3.electronic arm

Children Of Telepathic Experiences (UK version)
5 track album sampler
Dearh to the apple gerls
enter space capsule
ghost patrol
suburban jungle sleeping bag
artschool canyon



I still have more Cd's to add...
come back soon

Favorite CD

In this area I'll talk about my favorite CD by Gerling. I'll try to explain why I think it's the band's best work and why it's important to me personally.

I couldn't actually say which CD is my favorite, I love them all, but the one that stands out the most would have to be 'Children of telepathic experiences'
Good tracks to listen to on this particular Cd would have to be 'Craft Werked' Enter spacecapsule' and 'Meet you @ karate'
My favorite song on this album would be, 'Meet You @ Karate'
the guitar is just awsome. Don't ask me why, but also wheneve I listen to this, track, it brings sadness over me, the guitars sound sad.
The 'Enter spacecapsule' single is very good too, especially, 'guitarsarecool' remix by Josh Abrahams.(that guy's a legend!)
Some of Gerlings older stuff is quite good to, If you are looking for something a bit different try 'A day of research' it's a bit faster and more heavy'
All their cd's mean a great deal to me


Children of Telepathic Experiences
1.The last travller
2.Death to the apple gerls
3.Enter, space capsule
4.Destructor 4000
5.Ghost Patrol
6.Suburban jungle sleeeping bag
7.Meet you @ karate
8.Craft werked
9.I heard an echo of a cobra's bite
10.Artschool canyon
11.Genius flight
12+13 Bachelor pad
15.A student eating sushi with a chimp on a glass island
16+17 Enter, space capsule (radio disko remix)

Favorite Song


In this area, I'll talk about my favorite song by this band, including what I think the song means and why it's so important to me.
My favorite song would have to be the 'guitarsarecool' remix with Josh Abrahams. I love the start of it and when the guitars and percussion comes into it, it just sounds fantastic.
I find this a very positive song. It makes me happy when I am feeling a little down. I'm not quite sure what the song means but I like to think that it is about Gerling, and their connection to the music, 'going on forever'
and how they have influenced the world, I guess you can kinda guess this when it says 'Norway, to Japan, Spain to Mexico'
an all round top song.
I see people dancing when this song plays, I just love it1


Enter spacecapsule remix single
1.intro (sinus & broken cassette) by gerling
2.Enter spacecapsule (radio disko remix) by gerling. produced by josh abrahams and gerling & fishtank studios. assisted by clare
3.guitarsarecool remix by josh abrahams. guitar and bass guitar by josh abarahams, additional vocal by lara goodridge
4.enter the spaceship mix by the avalanches. remixed at sEA.
5.enter spacecapsule by gerling. recorded by steve foster from the album 'children of telepathic experiences by gerling