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Here's the scoop...

Please don't hurt me. Word is gettin round that gerling are on some sorta drugs. Happy drugs. I mean come on people, as if, Gerling just have natural hype, yes, yes thats it..


err...not quite, who the hell sent me that anyway..Im gonna find you bah!



Interview By : Danny Bos on December 03, 2000

the gerling lads sit a non physical, non probing, non threatening, meaningless throw away questionaire.

how would you describe your music to a new listener?
like microwaving our favourite cassettes into one gerling sound that tastes like peppermint flavouted glue.

word is theres a ron jeremy bust in those back packs, true?
we dont condone pornography.

any differences in approach to previous Gerling records?
since setting up our new studio we have had the luxury of slowly developing our new songs and sounds.

do you set a sound/atmosphere for a record or is it a more evolutionary process?
its more like a vision or an interplantery allingment.

how'd you guys hook up with josh for this project?
he owed us loads of money!!!!!we wanted to use his equipment he really need our cred!!

can you tell us anything about the elusive deli brothers?
they sent the dat of their remix for the deer in you in a block of danish salami.i think one of them dates baby spices sister.the other ones grandfather was einstien.

what new toys and noise can we expect in the upcoming gigs?
a talking pizza, 3 robot monkeys, a cigar stand and a tape that plays songs of barry earp with backing noises of the sea breeze.

what bands and artists inspire your music?
kool keith. genesis.

what do you find repulsive in music today?
cd prices. nothing. no one.

your parting words of wisdom?
dont piss your pants.

Gerling voted the best new live emerging act!!!!!!!
wooohooo! way to go


Gerling return from overseas. Esky's Ari Stein prolongs their jet lag.

Having just returned from a successful tour of England, Gerling are back in Oz working on their new album, When Young Terrorists Chase The Sun. The Sydney three piece are looking to storm their way back into the hearts of all boys and girls at home, starting with a brand new single "The Deer In you". And the signs are good - the rockin' tune is recieving alot of attention. So with three mischievous lads at home with a whole chunk of musical ideas. Darren Cross, Burke Reid and Presser sat down to talk Michael Jackson, and the Pom lifestyle.

You just came back from a tour of the United Kingdom, how was that?

It was really good; it was pretty well recieved. The first show was a really important one, and all the press were and media were there. We were nervous but we just played the set that we played all last year. We had a good show, we just acted really crazy and people kinda liked it. Most of the tour was support for the local indie band Seafood, kinda like Sonic Youth. Great people and a great tour to do. We made good friends with them.

Did you find many people knew you there?

Pretty much. We had a couple of singles released there, like "Enter Space Capsule" and "Death To The Apple Gerls"

what did you find the pressure like in the UK as opposed to Australia?

It was the first show overseas, so we started from scratch and if anyone has heard anything about you, then you can bet that they have never seen you before. It's a bit of a build up here to impress; we had the oppotunity to tour and play shit shows, then put on a good show. Also, the people of England are patriotic, but in a different way to Oz.

I have to ask, did you wear and sell your backpacks at the shows?

Yeah, we sold them at our shows. They don't buy much stuff over there.

Did you see any bands yourself, there?

Yeah, we saw Plone, and Broadcast and David Holmes- we went to a party and he was DJing- that was some cool shit!. We went to Glasgow where Teenage Fanclub were putting on a party and Bis took us- we are good friends with them- and Belle and Sabastian were DJing at the party. The bands we saw, Squarepusher and Asian Dub Foundation were on the same night we were playing. Amazing!

What have you guys been doing since you got back to Oz?

In the studio. It's a tiny studio, no bigger than a rat hole. Every morning we greet eachother, then get stuck into it. We don't really know what's going on with the rest of the world- We don't see sunshine; we forget what people look like and issues going on around the world.

What are you listening to while you're working on the record?

Just whatever is good that we can get our hands on. We try and listen to so much music, because electronic is just what we are into. We just want to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Any guest musichians on your record- like Michael Jackson?

No, next album. He'll probably try and screw us,{laughs) and try all these things on us. And the we'll sue him.
We got a girl called Soulex- her name is Elizabeth- from Holland. She does stuff ofr Matador Records, of the Sugarcubes/Cardigans nature. We also got a very well known Australian chick, but we can't say who. (she has little shorts and spins around)
We got a crazy hip-hop artist from LA, but he's hard to track down. - he's got our song.

Who is it?

Can't say. Just incase he doesn't send it back. {laughs)

* This new album sounds great, I can'null



The New Zealand Big Day Out almost passed without incident, untill Burke decided to jump and dance all over some of Nine Inch
null'nullnullnull>null'I know him, I wrecked some of their equipment though, their not happy with me, their after me, I'm scared' null'null'null


Above: Trent Reznor, nine inch nails.
be afraid


This is Gerling before they were famous! I'm still having trouble of werking out who is who, but if you try and figure it out, be sure to remember that Burke was not in the band at this time, his spot was then filled by Bradley .D. Heardson
Can you imagine Presser or Darren with long hair? I can't!! :)






This is Burke on the set of 'Channel V' it's from the official site, but just look @ Burke's cute 'lil nose!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

what you hear and I'll add it to this page!